Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just Dreadful

At a time in this second-round playoff series with Dallas that the Sharks needed one of their best periods of hockey, they instead delivered one of their worst, and wasted no time doing so. Trailing 2-1 after two, the Stars had the game tied within thirty seconds and went on to win 5-2. San Jose is now in an extremely deep 2-0 hole in the best-of-seven series, which now heads to Texas.

What an awful, dreadful performance.

I wouldn't be as concerned about the 2-0 series deficit as I am--the Sharks have played well in Dallas this year, after all--except for the fact that right now the team does not look capable of playing good enough hockey to dig their way out. Dallas is making the game look easy, and San Jose is making the game look hard.

I want to believe the Sharks are a Stanley-Cup caliber team, but based on performances to date I cannot. Yes, I know they played a whale of a game to close out the series with Calgary, but let's not forget that game was necessary because of a blown three-goal lead in one game and what looked like a collective decision to just sort of casually pass on a chance to eliminate the Flames in Game Six, like a guest at a potluck passing over the three-bean salad.

Man do I hate losing to Dallas.

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